Pascal G.-Berardi, Assistant Conductor

Pascal GB

Pascal Germain-Berardi grew up in Saint-Henri and Ville-Émard, some of Montreal’s underprivileged neighbourhoods. Hence, he was familiar with an environment plagued by poverty, uncertainty and school dropouts. He found his way through his passion for music.

Germain-Berardi, a former Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal singer, holds a master’s degree in composition from Université de Montréal and boasts of many international conducting workshops. He is constantly looking for musical projects that will help him grow, whether it includes composing new works, conducting ensembles, or singing as a soloist or chorister. Singing with extreme metal band Archetype is his guilty pleasure; he composes the group’s works and makes use of the growling and shrieking techniques.

He is influenced by multiple great classical composers such as Beethoven, Bruckner and Liszt, and underground metal bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Vektor and Decapitated. Pascal is a huge fan of powerful and thundering music.

Germain-Berardi’s recent activities include a conducting workshop at the University of Illinois with Joseph Flummerfelt, former assistant to Leonard Bernstein, a composition internship with the Bozzini Quartet, a string ensemble specialized in experimental and contemporary music, many performances with the Opéra de Montréal and Orchestre symphonique de Montréal choruses, and the release ofMission,Archetype’s first album.

“Pascal G.-Berardi has the breath and personality of someone who doesn’t have time to waste and gives himself completely to what he does.” CAMUZ, May 2016

“Mission,Archetype’s 1st album, is a call for tabula rasa, a completely embodied musical chaos coming from musicians who obviously master their instruments. The horizon looks great.” Le VOIR, May 2016

Germain-Berardi is also the founder and artistic director of Société de concerts de Montréal (SCM), a concert-production organization dedicated to up-and-coming professional musicians; he conducts its choir-in-residence.

He has been the Voces Boreales assistant conductor since September 2017.